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Why India Needs FRP Manhole Covers Now More Than Ever

advantages of frp manhole covers and drain covers

India is standing at an important crossroads when it comes to its infrastructure needs. As the country continues to make rapid strides in growth and urban expansion, the demand for better, safer, and more sustainable infrastructure has never been greater. A critical component of the urban infrastructure development that is often overlooked is manhole covers. This blog will explore why India has a major requirement and needs Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) manhole covers now more than ever. We will also cover various aspects from durability, safety, and sustainability of manhole covers.

The Current State of Manhole Covers in India

Traditionally, India has relied on cast iron materials for its manhole covers. However, cast iron has several limitations. Manhole covers manufactured with cast iron are prone to theft, and corrosion. Moreover, they are difficult to maintain. Furthermore, they get damaged easily. Hence, manholes without covers pose a serious threat to the safety of pedestrians, often leading to accidents and injuries. According to recent statistics, there have been numerous incidents related to damaged or missing manhole covers in India, highlighting the urgent need for a change.

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What are Manhole Covers?

Manhole covers are access covers or utility hole covers. They serve as protective lids or plates and they are utilised to cover openings in streets, sidewalks, or other surfaces. Thus, providing access to underground sewer systems, stormwater drains, water mains, electrical conduits, and telecommunications cables. These manhole covers serve several important functions, including the safety of pedestrians, and vehicles, protection from protruding cables and accessibility to utility workers to reach areas for inspection and repair work.

Types of FRP Manhole Covers 

Today, FRP manhole covers are manufactured in various types to cater to different needs and applications. Here are some common types of FRP manhole covers:

  • Solid Top FRP Manhole Covers: These have solid, flat surfaces and are suitable for pedestrian-frequented areas and light vehicular traffic. Thus, they provide a secure and stable walking surface.
  • Ventilated FRP Manhole Covers: As the name suggests, these have slots or openings. Thus, ventilated FRP covers allow for the release of gases and odours from beneath while still offering protection. These are commonly used in wastewater and sewer systems.
  • Load-Bearing FRP Manhole Covers: Such types of FRP Manhole covers can bear heavy loads, and are ideal for areas with heavy vehicular traffic, such as roads, parking lots, and industrial areas.

Manhole Covers Shapes

FRP manhole covers are easily customisable into various shapes including round and square. Raw composites provide FRP manhole covers in both round and square shapes. This versatility of the material allows for greater flexibility in use, and applications in various areas and also adds to aesthetic value.

frp manhole cover round

Manhole Cover Round: Raw Composites manhole covers are available in round shape with load bearing capacity of 2.5tons to 40 tons.


Manhole Cover Square: Raw Composites manhole covers are available in square shape with load bearing capacity of 2.5 tons to 40 tons.

frp manhole cover square

The Advantages of FRP Manhole Covers

FRP or Fibre fibre-reinforced plastic, manhole covers are a  modern solution to the massive challenges posed by traditional materials. The cost-effective FRP covers are lightweight, durable, and extremely resistant to corrosion. Compared to manholes made of cast iron, FRP manhole covers are not a lucrative option for thefts due to their limited scrap value. Thus, FRP manhole covers are a safer and more cost-effective option. Consequently, they are fast becoming a popular choice for municipalities and local governments.

FRP manhole covers are popular worldwide, including in countries with similar infrastructure needs to India. Thus, the increasing application of FRP manhole covers proves that modern and innovative manhole covers can be a game-changer for India’s infrastructure.

Environmental Impact

The global threat of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint is ever increasing despite, countries stepping up efforts towards more sustainable methods in all sectors. Closer home, India is also making strides in its commitment to environmental sustainability. Thus, the sustainable FRP manhole covers align with these goals. FRP manhole covers are made through an eco-friendly manufacturing process. Consequently, there is also a reduced carbon footprint during transportation. Hence, if India switches to FRP manhole covers and other products it will certainly contribute to India’s sustainable development objectives.

Economic Benefits of FRP Manhole Covers

The initial cost of FRP manhole covers may be comparatively higher than traditional ones, however, their low maintenance requirements and longevity make them cost-effective in the long run. Thus, they lead to substantial savings for municipalities and local governments. Cost savings in this sector allow for more 

FRP Manhole Covers: Safety and Public Health

The optimum use of FRP manhole covers in public spaces can significantly reduce accidents, injuries, and contamination of water sources. Statistics from case studies worldwide demonstrate how the adoption of FRP manhole covers has improved safety and public health in various regions. India is increasingly advocating the use of FRP manhole covers in public spaces like parks, pedestrian walks, marine infrastructure, industrial complexes and urban spaces.

Infrastructure Development and Smart Cities

The largest democracy in the world, India is witnessing rapid urbanization and hence it necessitates smarter infrastructure solutions. Thus an abundant use of FRP manhole covers can play a crucial role in the plan for creating smart cities. FRP manhole covers can also be fitted with sensors for remote monitoring. Thus, the new age technology can help manage and maintain infrastructure efficiently in a rapidly evolving urban landscape.

Challenges and Adoption of FRP manhole covers

Despite the benefits of FRP manhole covers, there may be initial challenges in adopting this technology in India. One major factor is the initial investment which could deter some from making the transition. However, innovative strategies and government initiatives or policies can be instrumental in promoting the use of FRP manhole covers.


It is a stark truth that India’s infrastructure needs are growing at a fast pace and greater than ever before. Thus, the adoption of FRP manhole covers is a crucial step toward building a safer, more sustainable, and cost-effective future. Moreover, the advantages of FRP manhole covers far outweigh in terms of safety, the environment, economics, and infrastructure development. 

Hence, they are compelling reasons why India should embrace this technology. It is time for India to prioritise the transition to FRP manhole covers and take action to ensure a better, safer future for its citizens and its rapidly evolving urban landscape.

If you’re considering the adoption of FRP manhole covers or need more information, we recommend reaching out to a reputable FRP manufacturer like Raw Composites. They can provide expert guidance and solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Contact Raw Composites today to explore how FRP manhole covers can benefit your infrastructure projects. Your safer, more sustainable, and cost-effective future awaits!

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